OneCart constantly collects and tracks sales trends with each incoming order.

With our Sell Through module, you can quickly find your top selling SKUs, and worst selling SKUs, for any designated time period to help you craft your next growth strategy.

This is especially convenient for the following uses cases:

- Repurchasing winning SKUs and removing losing SKUs from your SKU inventory .

- Bundling slow-moving SKUs with fast-moving SKUs to make room for new SKUs in your warehouse.

- Prioritising growth strategies around top selling SKUs.


To locate your winning and losing SKUs, navigate to:

- Business Analytics > Overview

- Scroll to the bottom section of the page named 'Best Selling SKUs'

- Click on 'View All'

The Sell Through page is also accessible via this quick link:


To sort the results by Quantity Sold, click on the column name 'Quantity Sold'.

To view your top selling SKUs, you can sort the Quantity Sold column from highest to lowest numbers (and vice versa, to find your slow moving items).

You can select any time period to view your Sell Through results.

The displayed results are your omni-channel SKU sell-through.