After linking your marketplace listings to your OneCart account, you can quickly check whether all your SKUs are published across your connected marketplaces under our SKU Coverage page, but more importantly, identify missing SKUs online.


Pre-requisite : before checking your SKU Coverage page in OneCart, please ensure that all your marketplace listings have been linked to the correct SKU in OneCart, else the SKU Coverage page in OneCart will not accurately reflect your current SKU presence online.

Please check the following guides to help setup your OneCart account properly before checking your SKU Coverage page:


To check your SKU coverage, navigate to Health Check > SKU Coverage :

With OneCart, it is easy and convenient to identify missing products from your marketplaces based on SKUs.

Below is a screenshot of a typical SKU Coverage page in OneCart:


The SKU Coverage in OneCart is a visual representation of your SKU presence online.

The 'pink' cells represent SKUs that are missing from the corresponding marketplace.

A number represents the number of times the SKU is currently listed on the marketplace.

In order to maximize your coverage and increase opportunities for online sales, there should be no pink cells left in this coverage map.

After you have identified a missing SKU from your SKU Coverage map, you can quickly publish the missing item using OneCart's cross-post functionality, an easy 'copy-paste' feature that will allow you to migrate an existing listing to fill in the gap.

You can find out more about our cross-post feature here :