Step 1:

E-Commerce Listings > Manage Listings 

Search and click "View in OneCart" on the affected listing 

















Step 2:

Break the listing by deleting it in OneCart by following as in the image below


Step 3:

Now that the listing has been deleted in OneCart it means that OneCart is no longer tracking the inventory for that listing.
You are required to search for the listing again by its Listing Title. In this case "Toddler Girl Shoe Sneakers".

Go to E-Commerce Listings > Import Listings to search for listing

Step 4:

When you are in the listing, ensure to re-import it and check that it is last updated at that moment. 

Step 5:

OneCart will retrieve the listing with the new changes made. Now, map it to the correct sku and then click "Save & Next". 

Once done, you are able to see the listing now appearing in "Manage Listings". :)