In OneCart, inventory is deducted when orders come in. But orders can have different statuses, so at which status does the inventory deduct?

In general, the default in OneCart is that orders will deduct at the first paid status. In other words, once an order is considered paid, that status is the default deduction trigger in OneCart.

While that status can vary for each platform, some examples are:


Lazada: ready_to_ship

Each platform has their own separate status name. OneCart always follows the platform status name, we do not change or map it to anything else. 

While the defaults might work for most sellers, if you decide you want the deduction to trigger at a different status (eg: if you only want the inventory to deduct after you confirm the order yourself, or once the order is delivered and completed), you can do so as follows:

Goto - Settings - My Account - Click Inventory Deduction Settings









You'll see the options available for each platform that OneCart supports. 

Select your preferences from individual dropdowns. You are able to choose for your inventory to be deducted when order statuses match what you select.

Do note that changing this setting does not apply retroactively to already-saved orders in OneCart. This will only work for future orders coming in.

Here's a short video demo'ing the setting page: