A bundle is a combination of 1 or more SKUs that are sold together in a single package. You may also know them as "kits" in your business.

Bundles are also SKUs, with one big difference: their quantity cannot be set directly, but is automatically calculated based on the stock levels of the component SKUs.

Here's an example: Imagine you are a drinks merchant that sells Coke. You might sell the Coke cans in a few ways:

1. Case of 24 cans

2. 6 pack

3. Single coke can (assume the shipping fee makes sense for now)

Since a single coke can can also be found in the 6 pack, and also the 24 pack, we can set up our bundles as follows:

a) a 6 Pack of Coke contains 6 cans:


b) a Case of Coke contains 24 cans:


This is what it looks like once setup:


In this example, we have 17 cans left in our warehouse. Because we setup the bundles with specific component SKUs (6 pack = 6x Single Can, Case = 24x Single Can), the quantity of the 6 pack and 24 pack is auto-calculated.

17 cans means we can sell 2x 6 pack (because 2x 6 = 12, and 17 cans doesn't allow us to sell 3 six-packs, we need 18 cans) and 17 cans means we cannot sell a 24 pack (since 17 is less than 24).

Try this yourself to see how the quantity is auto-calculated for bundles. You can learn more here: https://onecart-helpdesk.groovehq.com/help/how-to-create-a-bundle