OneCart is able to display Finance Data for each order, that is, the breakdown of marketplace fees, coins, vouchers, shippings fees, etc.., so that you and your team can keep track of your net earnings on a single order.

The Finance Data can be found from the Manage Orders page, on every OneCart order page.

The image below shows the full breakdown of costs for a Lazada order from the OneCart order page.

Things to note : 

- The marketplaces share full and finalised Finance Data breakdown with OneCart once order status is marked as 'Completed' (Shopee) or 'Delivered' (Lazada).


- While the order is still in transit, and not yet marked as Completed/Delivered, the final Finance Data is not available - for full transparency, all OneCart orders without Finance Data can be viewed from the Orders Without Finance OneCart page.


- OneCart automatically checks and updates the Finance Data for each OneCart order once the order status has been updated to Completed/Delivered, for orders placed within the last 30 days. 


- If your order status appears as Completed or Delivered, and the finalised Finance Data does not appear on the OneCart order page, you may click the 'Refresh' button to manually update the Finance Data, as illustrated in the images below.


No Finance Data shown, Order Status is set to Completed/Delivered.


After clicking 'Refresh' (top green button), OneCart automatically fetches and displays the full Finance Data from the marketplace, on the OneCart order page.