You have imported your platform listings into OneCart and would like to have the SKUs be auto-matched seamlessly. 

SKU cannot be automatically detected by OneCart in a case whereby -

  1. Platform and OneCart SKU is different

    The image above shows that, 
    The platform SKU shows that it is HK_HN and HK_H but the SKU found in OneCart is HK_HN1 and HK_H1 respectively. This prevents OneCart system from doing the auto-matching for the listing. However, you are able to map it manually despite the different SKUs. 

  2. Platform SKU is empty

    The image above shows that, 
    The platform SKU shows that the SKU is missing in the platform. Do add the SKU according to the platform. Once that is done, do click on the 're-importing here' and the new SKU will be refreshed and show in the column. 

  3. SKU does not exist in OneCart

    The image above shows that, 
    In the platform the SKU has been added as GTS-R-20, however OneCart does not have it. Therefore the system is unable to auto-match it. A quick fix for this is to click on 'here' and add the variant into OneCart.

These are some tips and tricks on how to get your SKUs matched! However, if you encounter any issues we are happy to help you! Do reach out to us at :)