Due to PDPA regulations, OneCart does not store your AWB in our servers.

Hence when users click "Print", OneCart has to retrieve the AWB directly from the marketplace servers. Because of normal internet transmission, this can take time, more AWB means longer for marketplace to revert. Hence to speed things up, OneCart:

  1. Splits the printed orders into tabs of 5 as that is faster for user to take action.
  2. Emails you a PDF of the total order AWBs you requested. This can include all 100 or 200 AWB, however many you selected to print. Please check your email inbox of your user account (that you used to log in) after you select AWB to print.However do note that as above, the more AWB you request, the longer it may take to receive the completed email. However from our other customers with large volumes, this should not take longer than a few minutes. 

If you encounter any further issue, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@lachmann-tech.com :)