1) Go to:

Listings > Import Listings

This is what we call "staging". It is where all the listings are waiting to be matched, the list of pending imports Completed imports will appear in "Manage Listings". 

Click on "Process" to start matching your platform listings into OneCart. 

*Do take note of the date imported. If it is not showing the date of your latest import. Click on "Delete" and import again.*

2) Items for this listing are in the table below.

i) Match each item with the correct SKU from your OneCart list

ii) Suggestions have been made for you. Check they are accurate.

iii) If you can't find the correct SKU, you need to add a variant SKU.

iv) If you updated this listing on a "specific" platform directly, update it by clicking on "re-importing here".

3) Once Import is saved! It will bring you to the next one. :)

It is recommended that you have all your listings matched to avoid from any unliked listings.