There are 5 main steps you'll need to do to get your OneCart account up and running for the basic workflows. When you signed up, you'll have been taken through our guided onboarding flow, which will have taken care of all of these steps. 

This article will give you a recap in case you need to go back and change something in your account.

1. Connect Shops: OneCart works with your e-commerce channels, so you'll need to connect at least 2 channels to get the full usage out of OneCart. This is step 1 & 2 of the onboarding flow.

2. Create Inventory in OneCart: Our onboarding flow helps you create inventory from one of your connected platforms. If you need to manually upload your own inventory list, you can also do that. Learn more here:

3. Importing Listings: Once you connect a new shop to OneCart, the existing listings will be imported to the staging area for you. The system will also auto-import new listings every day after trading hours. You can also trigger a manual import to get listings imported instantly. 

4. Matching Listings: This tells OneCart which SKUs are mapped to your platform SKUs. If you SKUs are the same across all channels, this is very quick. But even if you have different SKUs referring to the same item, OneCart is flexible and allows you to match those. Learn more here:

5. Toggle on Inventory Sync: Once your listings are matched, you can switch on inventory sync for your shops. OneCart also offers a lot of other powerful features, including order processing, cross-post, reports & analytics, and many more. We encourage you to explore the app, and also reach out to use with any questions or feedback you may have.

Thanks for using OneCart!