**Note: If you finished our automated onboarding process, it's likely that you already have some inventory created in OneCart. Use this guide to either add more SKUs, or if you need to reset and set up your inventory from scratch in OneCart.

There are three ways you can create inventory in OneCart:

1. Manually, SKU by SKU

2. By uploading an Excel file with your SKU data

3. Or, by letting our system create a master inventory list from one of your existing e-commerce platforms.

To create SKUs manually, read this: https://help.getonecart.com/help/create-inventory-manually

To learn how to upload an excel file into OneCart, read this: https://help.getonecart.com/help/bulk-upload-excel-create-edit-inventory

And if you'd like to create from an existing e-commerce platform, read this: https://help.getonecart.com/help/create-inventory-from-an-existing-e-commerce-platform