One of the many powerful features of OneCart is the ability to sync inventory between your different platforms. Before that can happen though, you need to do some setup items:

1. First, add your master SKU list into OneCart. Learn how to do that here:

**Note: This will generally be done for you if you finished our onboarding flow when you signed up.

2. Then, make sure your ecommerce listings have been imported into OneCart. More info here:

**Note: This will also be done automatically once you connect any platforms, like when you first signed up.

3. Next, you will need to "match" or "link" your SKUs in OneCart to your Ecommerce Listings. This tells OneCart which SKUs are where on each platform. If you use the same SKU on all platforms (highly recommended), this is a very quick process. Learn more here:

**Note: If your platform SKUs and OneCart SKUs are the same, then OneCart automatically matches them for you. Do use consistent SKUs as much as possible

4. Finally, you need to toggle on Inventory Sync. Details are here:

**Note: This IS NOT done for you by default. Consider this your "go-live" step once you're ready, and it is always 100% opt-in, only when you are ready. Inventory sync WILL NOT occur until you switch this on yourself. 

5. Once you've completed all the steps above, your inventory will auto-update whenever you make changes in OneCart, or whenever an order is received from any of your connected platforms.

Some more helpful articles are here:

If you sell multiple SKUs together, like a bundle or a kit, you can set that up in OneCart as well. Learn more here

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